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Neptune Motor Control Board - 22004473

Does your Neptune shutdown a few seconds after you press the start button? If so, your Motor Control Board (MCB) may have failed. Your next step will be to unplug machine and locate the MCB. The MCB is located in the lower right side of your machine. See http://neptunehelp.com/index_files/Page482.htm for videos on how to disassemble the stand alone Neptune front load washer. Note: The MCB is in a plastic cover.


Next, inspect the MCB for any burnt components. If you have discolored components then you will need a new 22004473 MCB if you have certain Neptune models and starting serial numbers. Note: Certain Neptune's will use the 12002039 Motor Conversion Kit based on model and serial numbers.


Next, if  you don’t see any burnt components then it is time to test the motor drive. Your machine should have a folded up document near the timer inside the top console. On this document is motor drive diagnostic test instructions you can perform to see if your motor drive spins the tub at 50 rpm.


If your motor drive does not spin the tub at 50 rpm then you will need the a 22004473 MCB if your Neptune meets the model and serial number requirements. The MCB takes about 30 minutes to install. These MCB’s ship USPS via Priority Mail.   


Delivery is typically 2 - 3 days depending on where you are located as I will ship from Ohio or the closest warehouse to you, if needed. See Model list to see if compatible with your machine!


Typical Motor control board in lower right corner

Failed Motor Control Board

22004473 Motor Control Board

If your Neptune has a timer knob then see www.neptunehelp.com  to

see if you have the faulty door

latch wax motor

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